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Fisher 11


The Model 11 is our smallest Dolly. Lightweight and compact, it is built with the same high quality standards found in all J.L. Fisher products. The Model 11 Dolly shares the same controls and characteristics of the Model 10 Dolly and has a complete line of its own accessories. It operates effortlessly on Square or Round Track, making the Model 11 and Model 10 an excellent two-dolly combination. Compact size, three-way steering and a solid lift beam give operators a wide variety of options. The reliable, quiet, smooth and safe Model 11 requires minimal maintenance.


Max. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head: 129.85 cm

Min. lift beam elevation with Standard Level Head: 34.92 cm

Min. lift beam elevation with Low Level Head: 7.62 cm

Vertical beam travel: 84.77 cm
Lift capacity: 90.72 kg
Length: 101.6 cm
Width: 65.40 cm
Height (operating): 100.65 cm
Height (folded): 58.73 cm

Min. turn radius (round steering): 41.11 cm
Min. turn radius (conventional steering): 85.09 cm

Carrying weight: 139.25 kg
Max. Dolly load capacity: 408.23 kg
Lifts per system charge: 7


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