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eGripment Scanner Head


Egripment is the world's most experienced manufacturer of Professional Remote Heads. The Scanner Remote Head has all of the features, which have become the "Trademark" of Egripment Remote Heads. It is strong, Responsive, Easy-To-Use, and has an incredible Smoothness of Movement.

The Scanner has found a perfect place in the fast moving and demanding broadcast industry. It meets the need for Fast and Easy-To-Use equipment, combined with the High Quality and Sophistication, which is demanded by both Broadcast and their Audiences.


Height: 63 cms
Width: 15 cms
Depth: 28 cms
Weight: 8.5 kgs
Load Capacity : 15 kgs (fully equipped ENG camera
Voltage: 24v DC
Max. Speed: 360 in 4 seconds
Min. Speed: 360 in 17 minutes
# of Sliprings: 24


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