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The Mini-Mote is a smaller and lighter remote head for 16mm, video and smaller 35mm cameras. In it's most compact configuration, the Mini-Mote can accommodate cameras weighing up to 60 pounds (27 kg) in continuous 360-degree pan and tilt movements. With the Expander Kit installed, the Mini-Mote can accommodate large camera and lens combinations weighing up to 190 pounds (86 kg) in continuous 360-degree pan and tilt movements.


Camera Cradle Capacity: 60 pounds (27 kg)

Weight of unit (empty): 44 points (20 kg)

Camera Weight: Up to 180 lbs.

Power Requirements: 110 22 VAC or 18-27 VDC

Pan Speed: 1 revolution per 2.4 seconds

Tilt Speed: 1 revolution per 2.6 seconds.


For more information on the packages/options available, please download the flyer and price list below.

Big Toys Film Services package includes:

Complete 3-Axis Mini Mote System

Nettmann Focus or Iris Control System

Operator's Monitor

Witness Camera and Monitor

Delivery Van - mileage ex Sydney additional

For more information, see:

Note: Specialised Mini Mote Technician required - additional to package price

For more information please visit: '


Mini-Mote Product Information Flyer and Price List

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