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Mini-Mote with Roll


The MINI-MOTE WITH ROLL is a smaller and lighter remote head for 16mm, video and smaller 35mm cameras. In it's most compact configuration, the Mini-Mote can accommodate cameras weighing up to 60 pounds (27 kg) in continuous 360-degree pan and tilt movements.

With the Expander Kit installed, the Mini-Mote can accommodate large camera and lens combinations weighing up to 190 pounds (86 kg) in continuous 360- degree pan and tilt movements.

The 360 degree Continuous Roll Cradle can accommodate all current film and video cameras. It is operated by foot controls left roll and right roll. Depending on the camera package 'layback' or 'underslung' magazines may be required. In addition, some physically long, heavy lenses may over balance the tilt control.


For more information on the packages/options available, please download the flyer and price list below.

Camera Cradle Capacity: 60 pounds (27 kg)

Weight of unit (empty): 44 points (20 kg)

Camera Weight: Up to 180 lbs.

Power Requirements: 110 22 VAC or 18-27 VDC

Pan Speed: 1 revolution per 2.4 seconds

Tilt Speed: 1 revolution per 2.6 seconds.

Big Toys Film Services package includes:

Complete 3-Axis Mini Mote System

Nettmann Focus or Iris Control System

Operator's Monitor

Witness Camera and Monitor

Delivery Van - mileage ex Sydney additional

For more information, see:


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