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Cam-Remote with Roll


The Cam-Remote with Roll is our standard remote head for use with all film and video cameras, including large format and lenses.

THIRD AXIS The Third Axis "Dutch" cradle is an accessory that can be added to any Cam-Remote for three axis operations. This unit includes standard Nettmann lens controls, witness system and monitors. Lens control is additional and you can choose from the Preston FI+Z Wiress or the Bartech Wireless.


Rotation: 360 continuous
Weight: 7 lbs.
Camera Weight: Up to 180 lbs.
Camera Capacity: All Frontline cameras, inc. lge format
Mounting: Upright, inverted or horizontal
Power Supply: Input 115-230V AC, 47-60 Hz
Output: 24V DC
Battery Operation: 24V DC
Main Cable: 100 each, Max. 300
Operation: Standard: gearhead type desk control
Pan Speed: 60 / Sec. Max., 360 / 15 min. Min.
Tilt Speed: 60 / Sec. Max., 360 / 15 min. Min.
Lens Control: The System is wired to accept all popular lens controls.

Rotation: 70 "Dutch" Roll, 60/Second Max.
Weight: Cam-remote with roll axis: 117 lbs.
Camera Capacity: All frontline cameras
Mounting: Upright or inverted
Operations: Standard: single wheel control, soft Limit preset.


For more information on the packages/options available, please download the flyer and price list below.

Big Toys Film Services' package includes:-
. Complete Pan and Tilt Cam Remote System
. Nettmann Focus and Iris Control System
. Camera Package Zoom to System Interface
. Delivery Van - mileage ex Sydney additional

Note: Specialised Cam Remote Technician required - additional to package price

Options: whatever you like!
. Preston F, I & Z Lens Control System - additional price to package
. Bartech Wireless Focus/Iris Control System - additional price to package
. Joystick or Wheels Control System - no additional charge
. System Batteries - no additional charge
. Roll Axis
. Witness Camera and Monitor
. Operator's Monitor

For more information please visit: (three axis cam remote)


Cam-Remote with Roll Product Information Flyer

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