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G.F.M. GF-10 Camera Crane


The GF-10 is the latest addition to GFM's family of modular man riding and remote crane systems.

The concept behind the GF-10 is to supply a versatile crane for everyday use. Designed with a grip truck in mind, the GF-10 dismantles into small compact pieces for easy storage in trucks. It's range of use spans from a 1.5m (5ft) jib on a mini base to an 8m (26ft) man ride or 11.5m (37ft) remote crane, enlarging the same mini base to a sturdy all terrain base.

The GF-10 consists of 5 x 2m (6ft) sections, 1 x 1m (3ft) section and a 1.5m (5ft)section to the rear as weight bucket section. For shorter versions the 100cm (3ft) section can be used at the rear. An optional 50cm (18") section is also available.


Platform (manned operation):

  • 2 persons = 6.5m / 21'
  • 1 person = 8m / 26'

Remote operation:
  • 80kg / 176lbs = 10.6m / 35'
  • 50kg / 110lbs = 11.5m / 37'

Additional Features::

  • Base splits for use as 62cm /24,5" track dolly for versions up to 8m / 26ft
  • Mounting column splits allowing lower pivot height
  • Sectional man riding platform
  • Double connection on remote bracket allowing standard and elevating shots
  • Interchangeable extensions available in 1,5ft, 3ft, 5ft, 6ft lengths
  • No numerical set-up procedure

  • No dedicated front or back:
  • Extension arm system allows for combination of any arm to the other
  • Easier rigging assembly! All rods are identical
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Lightweight parts

  • Maximum amount of counterweight is 830kg / 1836lbs
  • Transport weight approx. 1400kg / 3000lbs
  • Extremely stable arm
  • Surface hardened finish (Hart-Coat )


    For more information, see:


    GF-10 Specifications.pdf

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